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Our guiding values are customer satisfaction, integrity towards all stakeholders and a sustainable way of doing business, both environmentally and economically.

We are committed to continuous improvement and to using our financial resources in a way that promotes both environmental and social sustainability and ensures the long-term financial viability of our business.


We are committed to complying with laws and regulations, ensuring that all the rights of our employees are respected at least to the level required by law, and ensuring a safe working environment for our employees. We will combat harassment and bullying of minorities or other vulnerable groups. We are committed to responsible procurement and investment.


We will participate in regional sustainable tourism planning and development and commit to training our staff members in environmental and sustainability issues. We are committed to promoting local culture, for example in our food range, the products we sell and the events we organise.


We are committed to working to mitigate climate change and to minimise the negative impacts of our own activities and maximise the benefits. We aim to use energy, water and raw materials sustainably and measure our consumption of these resources. We minimise food waste, use disposable containers only in exceptional cases and use eco-labelled cleaning products, detergents and tissue paper. We are committed to using organic, local and seasonal products as much as possible.


Green Key is an international sustainability certification for the tourism industry, which has already been awarded to more than 4,200 companies in over 60 countries around the world. The criteria for the certificate are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and include requirements to reduce environmental impact, increase social benefits and support the local economy. The criteria are practical and effectively reflect the specificities of the tourism sector.

We take part in the Sustainable Travel Finland programme

For the tourism industry to meet changing demand and secure its future, development must be sustainable.To this end, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland programme for tourism businesses and regions, and the Sustainable Travel Finland label that can be achieved through it.  The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme provides businesses and destinations with a toolkit for sustainable tourism development, facilitating the systematic adoption of sustainable measures and choices in the everyday life of the region or business.The Sustainable Travel Finland label is awarded to companies and destinations that have passed the programme and meet the criteria, to communicate sustainable practices to international tourists.

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